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Our Structure

Girl Scouting is in every community in the Greater Washington Region, delivered by dedicated volunteers who work cooperatively, emphasizing program delivery to support our Girl Scout family.

Our volunteer led, service delivery model provides girls with flexible ways to participate in Girl Scouting, and engages adults in volunteer roles that are specific, sustainable, and rewarding.  It combines all the elements that must be in place to create a movement that will flourish for the next 100 years.


Troops: The fun happens at the Girl Scout troop level. Troops are organized by program level, typically consisting of 12-20 girls, supported by a volunteer troop committee of 8-10 adults. We emphasize troop participation as the best way for a girl to enjoy Girl Scouting.  Our Council has 5,002 troops and we continue to expand. 


Service Units: Girl Scout service units are managed by our volunteers, who provide program and training support to 40-60 troops in a specific geographic areas. Our Council has over 150 service units.



Associations: Supporting the work of our service units are 25 associations. Each association has a volunteer team that provides local program opportunities, volunteer support and girl and adult recognitions. You can find them on our Map.