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Join the Board of Directors

Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is a membership organization with volunteers, parents, and girls actively engaged in the strategic policy direction of the Council. Some Board members bring a wealth of Girl Scout knowledge, while others bring expertise in areas such as strategic thinking, communications, law, property, and experience in governance (audit, investments and finance).  Want to be a member of the Girl Scouts Nation's Capital Board?

Fill out the appropriate application, adult application due October 15; older girl application due December 15 each year. 

Adult Opportunities

Adult Application
Board and Nominating Committee Information

Information for those who are interested in being considered for a position with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Board of Directors and/or the Board Nominating Committee.

The deadline for applications is October 15th each year. Both of these positions serve for three-year terms beginning October 1 after election at the Annual Meeting, which is held in April.

The Board of Directors is responsible for Council governance, strategic planning and policy-making.  Determining major policies, exercising legal, financial and corporate responsibilities, and establishing strategic plans and budgets are essential to the position. Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is seeking candidates who can excel in the execution of these duties, while bringing a depth of experience and resources in the areas of finance, audit, accounting, fundraising/development, STEM including infrastructure technologies, community partnerships, and communications/marketing.

Board member candidates also:

·         Model the core values of Girl Scouting

·         Attend five to six Board meetings per year and the Annual Meeting in April

·         Serve on at least one Board Committee

·         Attend and facilitate in Delegate Forums

·         Attend other functions and actively participate in Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital philanthropic activities

·         Be a minimum of 18 years of age and a registered Girl Scout at the time of election

·         Reside or work in Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital service area

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identification as well as the recruitment, of Board Members. Nominating Committee members are also expected to bring an extraordinary level of experience, but with the added emphasis on the ability to leverage spheres of influence towards the goal of developing a high performance Board.

Nominating Committee candidates also:

·         Model the core values of Girl Scouting

·         Attend four to five Nominating Committee meetings per year, including an interview session for girls on a Sunday afternoon in January, and Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Annual Meeting

·         Meet with candidates and potential candidates to discuss Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital goals and objectives

·         Attend other functions that assist in cultivating candidates

·         Be a minimum of 18 years of age and a registered Girl Scout at the time of election

·         Reside or work in Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital service area

All candidates should have high standing in their community and an affinity for collaborating with others to achieve a bold new vision for Girl Scouting. An annual contribution in an amount that is personally significant and demonstrates that Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is a top philanthropic priority is also expected. Candidates who can enrich the racial and ethnic diversity are keenly desired.

Older Girl Leadership Opportunities

Girl Application
Girl Advisory Board Information

GIRL ADVISORY BOARD (GAB) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Girl Advisory Board?  The Girl Advisory Board (GAB) allows Girl Scouts who are 14 or older, the opportunity to serve as an advisory team providing programmatic input to the Chief Executive Officer.  By lending a voice to our movement that wants, needs and values girl-led contributions, these young leaders will play a significant role in shaping the ongoing work of Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital.

Why do we have a Girl Advisory Board?:  The GAB will work as a team to determine priorities of Girl Scouting in the areas of programs, girl activities, girl engagement, trainings, and social trends and such other areas as determined by the CEO.  GAB members will also be exposed to governance opportunities and be able to represent the Council at various activities and events throughout the year.  By facilitating the girl-adult partnerships, these leadership opportunities will allow GAB members to influence and have their voices heard in programmatic activities in the Council.  GAB members will also have the opportunity to make recommendations, and share their ideas. In order to gain understanding of the governance process, GAB members will be invited to observe a board meeting.

Who is in the GAB and how much time does it take?  The GAB will be comprised of up to 15 girl members.  Girls will be selected to participate in the GAB as provided under the Selection Process described below.  Girls selected for the GAB will be asked to make a minimum one-year commitment to participate on the GAB. The one-year term runs October 1 – September 30.  Girls can serve up to two consecutive one-year terms on the GAB with the term of a high school senior ending on September 30th of the year such girl graduates from high school.

When will the GAB meet?  The GAB will meet with the CEO at least three times a year in person or through webinars.  The meeting dates and times will be established based on the availability of a majority of girl members.

How will the Board know what has happened?  The GAB (if it so choses) will prepare a report for the Board of its activities annually and make recommendations to the Board.  The GAB will select from its members several girls to present the report, share the team’s ideas, and respond to questions from the Board.

How do I apply to be considered?   Girls age 14 or older in grades 8th through 11th who are registered members of the Council may express their interest in serving on the GAB in the following year by completing the self-nomination form here. The form (which is the same form for applying for a Board position) should be completed and submitted no later than December 15.  

In January, the Nominating Committee will interview all the teen applicants, usually on a Sunday afternoon at our main Girl Scouts office in Washington, DC. The committee will select up to 15 girls to participate in the GAB for a term of one year and make every effort to select Girl Scouts that represent the rich diversity of the Council and the geographic region.

Board of Directors Information

Summary of Girl Board member position

Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital is seeking Girl Scouts, ages 14-17, to serve on the Council's Board of Directors for a one-year term. This is an exciting way to take an active role in the critical decisions that will determine the future of Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital. You will meet and work with interesting and influential people, and you will have an opportunity to make sure that those people hear from you, too.

Serving on the board requires a time commitment and taking responsibility, but it comes with great benefits.

Each year, two older girls (ages 14-17) are elected to the Board, contributing their input and perspectives to the policy issues that the Board decides. Girl board members participate in all matters coming before the Board. This is a great leadership opportunity for older girls, as it offers extensive experience working in partnership with the adult board members to make a difference in how the Council is governed. And -- it is a great college application/resume builder.

Nominees will be listed on the slate of candidates to be voted on at
Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Annual Meeting in April. The board year term officially begins October 1 and concludes on September 30.

Girl Board Member applicants must be age 14 to 17 AND must be no further than 11th grade (high school junior) as of December of the application year.

What are the qualifications to be a Girl Board Member?

  • Must be age 14-17 (no higher than 11th grade at the time of application).
  •  Must be a registered member of Girl Scouts.
  • Accept the Girl Scout commitment to work with all without regard to race, ethnicity/culture, religion, socio-economic status, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation or differing abilities.
  • Demonstrate dependability, honesty and credibility.

What is the time commitment for serving on the Board of Directors:

Girl Board Members are expected to participate as outlined in the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Girl Board Member Agreement and Attendance Procedure, including:

  • Prepare for and attend at least five Board meetings during the term (November, February, March, May, and June) in addition to the Annual Meeting in April.  Dates, times, and locations will be set by the Board Chair. Attend and facilitate a regional forum.   

Deadline for applications is December 15th


National Delegates Information

 National Delegates Webpage

Girl members who are 14 years old as of December 31, 2022, and adult members who reside in the boundaries of Girl Scouts Nation's Capital are eligible to apply to be a national delegate.