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Required Training

We provide a variety of trainings to help you lead a troop, take girls camping, go on trips and engage in exciting activities. Sign into your gsLearn profile to find the training you need and keep track of it all in one place!    

Required Training for Troop Leaders

Program Basics Learning Path

You must complete the learning path for your level within gsLearn which will help you discover what you need to know to manage a troop. In this learning path, you will:

  • Gain an overview of health and safety standards, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital practices and policies, finances and the concept of girl ownership.
  • Learn how to recruit a troop committee and divide jobs among other adults.
  • Learn about the Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or teen Girl Scout programs, including badges, meeting plans, program activities and resources, and troop government.
  • Discover the developmental characteristics of each age group and how to form an effective partnership with the girls.

Required Classes for Troop Activities

Cookout & Campout

Cookout & Campout: This course qualifies participants to take a troop to established sites for both day cookout trips and overnight camping trips. Only one person in the troop needs to be Cookout & Campout certified. Participants will learn:

  • Health and safety procedures
  • Council resources and policies for outdoor activities
  • Outdoor skills
  • How to use the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for activities and planning

We offer two types of Cookout and Campout Training: Hybrid and Traditional.

Cookout & Campout- Hybrid:  This 30-hr. training is complete through online modules (done at your own pace), a virtual planning meeting, and an overnight skills session at a camp. Registration is through gsLearn. There is no upfront cost to register for this course, but participants will be asked to pay for necessary supplies and food.  

Cookout & Campout- Traditional: This 30-hr. training is complete through an overnight skills session at a camp. Registration is through gsEvents. Participants must pay $25 for food and supplies upon registration.

For troops who only want to make s’mores over a fire and not take an overnight camping trip, a volunteer must complete the online module “204 Girl-led Fire and S’more Safety” located in gsLearn.

Volunteers who have done camping training through another Girl Scout council, through Boy Scouts of America, or another organization can take the “204 Transfer of Camping Certification” located in gsLearn.  Each person will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. 

First Aid

To be a First Aider, you need to have a current CPR certification which must cover the following requirements:

  • Basic first aid.
  • Adult and child CPR training, including a “hands-on” skills demonstration even if the course is hosted online.
  • AED training.

To learn more about first aid training through Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital’s third party vendor, financial aid opportunities, and other important information, click here:

To learn more about Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital’s first aid policies, view pages 96-99 in Volunteers Essentials:  

Domestic Troop Travel

204 Domestic Troop Travel: This online course qualifies participants to assist troops in planning trips within the domestic U.S. borders

International Troop Travel

204 International Troop Travel: This online course qualifies participants to assist troops in planning trips outside the U.S.

High Adventure

High Adventure: These trainings qualify participants to assist troops in the various high adventure activities offered at our camps including archery, canoe, and kayak. Check out our High Adventure page for more information.

Required Classes for Service Unit Positions

Service Unit Manager

Service Unit Manager: This course will cover the SUM role and three areas of service unit management work: building and supporting the service unit team, maintaining control of meetings, and finding the support available to you in handling challenges to success.

Adult Facilitation & Presentation Skills

Adult Facilitation & Presentation Skills: These two courses are required to be appointed as an Adult Educator. Learn to effectively present material to an audience and to facilitate adult discussion and learning. 

Service Unit Encampment Coordinator

Service Unit Encampment Coordinator: An encampment is when multiple troops camp at the same time and participate in the same programming or activities, at either council-owned camps or other locations. Encampments are often based around a theme, with older girls (or troops) leading activities done in rotations for the younger girls. This training qualifies adults to facilitate a Service Unit encampment. Valid for three years.